Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Him and Her- His style

Occasionally Dan wants to go shopping for himself and when he does he goes big! So this weekend we hit up a few of his favorite stores and Dan came home feeling like a brand new man ready for the fall! Dan has excellent style and I don't shop for him too often because he likes to himself.  I will tell you that he is sort of a hipster and artsy therefore he did wear corduroy pants a few times this summer much to my embarrassment! Sometimes you have to pick your battles and that one I did not win.

Anyway, other than sometimes wearing flannel and cords in the wrong season, Dan picks out great clothes, shoes and accessories.

This weekend he picked up a new watch and cologne!

Timex Vintage Field Army Watch and Spice Bomb Cologne. 

I generally blog about women's style and things that I covet, but I thought it would be fun to talk about guy style for the fall and what's in Dan's closet or wish list (or mine).

 I've been trying to get Dan to buy a pair of brightly colored pants or shorts for about a year now. I'm hoping he comes around.
 Can't have enough plaid shirts. New shirt from J Crew

Gingham shirt and cardigan. In the closet! 

Boots on the wish list.

 Tan colored jeans
Seven for All Mankind

 Red chambray shirt
Urban Outfitters

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