Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lottie Dottie

I finally got the chance to visit Lottie Dottie, a boutique in Greenwood, last week! I had been hearing about it via facebook for several months. It's a super cute boutique with very girly decor and adorable dressing rooms! They have a pretty good selection of tops, dresses and even colored denim! They get in new items every day. I tried on a few pieces and ended up buying a top I saw online and went there looking for. They have a great website you can order off of too!

I really like boutique shopping, but usually just hit up the stores in Broad Ripple. I'm really happy that I've discovered this Greenwood hot spot! If you live on the south side, or anywhere really...

 bright and fun jewelry

Several racks of maxi dresses! 

 White button down I bought. 

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