Friday, August 24, 2012


Hello there! It's been a seemingly long week. A lot of blah(ness) over here. Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been doing a lot of random things but nothing quite worthy of blogging about. But in case you ARE interested this is what I've been up to...

Ran over something. Had to get a whole new tire Ugh!

 Got super excited and made up a recipe for this pie including Nutter Butter crust. Turns out, it wasn't that tasty, except the crust!
 Skirt and top I wanted to buy to try the mixing pattern trend. Decided I better save my money.

 Dress from the Loft that I can totally make. I don't think this style flatters me, but I still want to make it. Anyone want it?
My twin, apparently. A friend found this on Pinterest, however it's not me!! Cute hair though right? 

 Shiny, shimmery fabric everywhere!!! I'm dying to make something, but what?!?!

New(ish) purple skirt and now favorite outfit! Jcrew.


 Funny babies! My niece Rye and my favorite tot Kamryn in the dress I made her! Lol! 

See told ya I had a random week! In between all this oddness I have been trying to find fabric for curtains and bench cushions for our house and STILL organizing our closets! Seriously, I still cannot figure it out. I promise to post pictures of our house once I get at least ONE room done. 

Have a great weekend!

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