Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Grilled Pizza

My parents bought us a new grill as a house warming gift and it is the best gift EVER! Dan picked out a nice Weber grill with the capacity to grill 28 burgers, as if that will be necessary. Either way, we love it! In the first week, we grilled everything. Chicken, burgers, pork chops, corn on the cob, and pizza twice! We had a charcoal grill before and rarely used it because it was so much work and we also shared a patio at our condo with no privacy. I ended up grilling everything inside on a grill pan or panini maker. WHAT a difference a real grill makes! It's so nice to grill out on our deck. It's the little things that come with being homeowner, so fun!

Dan's mom has grilled pizza for us before and I have always wanted to try it too.  I bought several ingredients and we gave it a shot! Trust me, it's amazing and the crust is SO good!

Grilled Pizza
Vary depending on taste. Dan made a spicy one and I made a veggie one. We used:
-one roll of Pillsbury pizza crust (makes 2 pizzas)
-crumbled spicy italian sausage
-fresh sliced jalapeno
-tomato sauce
-fresh mozzarella cheese
-sliced Roma tomatoes
-fresh basil

Cover a cookie sheet with foil and spread a little olive oil on the foil so the dough doesn't stick. Unroll the dough. Don't roll too thin or it will burn on the grill. Spread olive oil on top of the dough so it will now be on both sides.

Grill each side of the dough for about 2 minutes until you see grill marks. Pay close attention to not burn dough.

Place toppings on dough and grill again for a few minutes until cheese is melted and toppings are melted. Again, pay close attention to not burn.

Remove from grill and enjoy!!


Jessica said...

I'm a huge fan of grilling pizzas! Haven't perfected the perfectly crisp crust yet. I've used Whole Foods' homemade pizza dough in the past. How did the Pillsbury one turn out?

Laura said...

Grills are the best! I can't believe how long we went without one. And a gas grill is definitely better for quick meals for two people or so rather than a charcoal. I don't care what the die-hard charcoal users say about taste. lol And we love grilled pizza but have yet to make it at home so thanks for sharing the recipe! I'll have to get on that!