Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Party

Even before we bought our house I was planning our first big party. I guess it's my nature. Once we moved in I set a date to have a housewarming/fall party. Having set the date early gave us time to make "to do" lists and prioritize what we wanted done to the house before it's big debut.

To say I got stressed is an understatement. Party planning with menus and decorations is my thing, but throw in some renovations and cleaning and I'm a wreck. If you are a homeowner you know that you will never have everything perfect or done there is always something else that needs painted or remodeled. This is difficult for me as I like things done and I like them done NOW.

In the last couple months since moving in, we have made some significant changes and we are proud of the way it looks. It was nice to have all our friends over and to hear their thoughts and ideas since most have owned homes much longer than we have and have handyman type skills (which we don't).

The party went well and unfortunately I have no pictures. I didn't take a single one. Maybe I was having too much fun. But I did take some of the food (of course) and here are a few of some other areas in our home.

Whipped Vodka, Pineapple juice and Diet Sunkist (Amazing!!) 

view from my window


Anonymous said...
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Laura said...

How fun! You're so creative. I love your entryway too! We've never had a housewarming at our current house or our previous one exactly for the reason you stated - I wanted to wait until 'things were in order.' ha!

PS - That looks like some awesome chicken soup! And I can't wait to give the orange beverage a try!