Monday, October 1, 2012

Drop waist

I have been wanting to make a drop waist dress for awhile and even though I really didn't think it would flatter me, I still had plenty of ideas and figured I would just make it for practice or even sell it. My first thought process was to make one similar to this one from The Loft. I decided it would be nice to make it in blue, grey, and black (color blocked) for fall.

Then I got another idea, and thought I would add a peter pan collar in white with a white skirt. Similar to this....

This is a rough picture because I put it together on Polyvore and it's really a necklace, dress and skirt. I decided that it looks too much like a maids costume. I went to the fabric store in search of inspiration and found leather (pleather) which I thought was an even better idea! 

This is an even worse picture, because it's all pinned together and doesn't reflect the true garment, but I wanted to visualize it and it turned out the leather looked cheap. 

Last Thursday we had an event to go to that required cocktail attire and Dan informed me of it 2 days before. I didn't want to buy anything new. Even with a closet full of dresses I had nothing to wear, so I finished the dress with just the one material and threw on a necklace and fun shoes. Of course we didn't take any pictures that night. 

This is the final dress. Not too difficult. Would be cuter in a color, such as this one from Topshop. Next time! 

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Allie said...

I love this! It turned out beautiful and classic. You need to wear this to another event - like next week! xx, Allie