Monday, September 24, 2012

Beauty Favorites

I am not a beauty expert, in fact I only have a few products that I use and swear by. I have never been into makeup or hair products. I always skip over those sections in magazines. Maybe I am just not good at it or maybe I am just simply not interested. I'd much rather spend my money on clothes or shoes! 

I generally buy what my friends or sister use and tell me works well when it comes to makeup or hair products. However, I have found a few items myself that I can't say enough about!

Lipgloss- Jemma Kidd for Target. I found this gloss last year and I can't get enough of it! I have never found lip gloss before that isn't sticky or gunky, doesn't stain your lips a funky color and is relatively inexpensive. $16. I'm telling you, this stuff is awesome! I like Undress and Poser. 

Face wash and moisturizer- I have been using this same product since high school. (10 years)
I feel like that's a long time to be devoted to something! It's called Velocity from Mary Kay. It's incredibly light weight, which is why I like it. For the last couple of years Dan has been using the face wash too. Prior to that, he used harsh Proactive. Both products last a long time, as you just need a tiny amount of both. If you would like to try some hit up my friend Aimee and she'll hook ya up! 

Last but not least hair... I have forever longed for curly hair. I had my fair share of 80's perms and even a perm for waves just a few years ago, which didn't take. I have naturally stick straight hair. I'm talking, no need for a straightener type hair. I could scrunch with product all day and night and never have waves until, I met this curling iron last year.  Prior to this, I used rollers and every size curling iron imaginable, tried hairspray and still after an hour my curls fell flat and straight. 

I bought this clampless curling iron or wand last year from Ulta and I will never turn back! It's awesome! Since there is no clamp, you have to hold the curling iron and twist your hair around it holding on to the end of the strand of hair. Beware you will burn yourself several times until you get the hang of it. I think the heat is what keeps my hair curled. It stays curled all day and even to the next day if I decide not to wash it. I can't say enough about it! It's perfect for waves or curls! They are now sold at Target as well! It's the Remington brand. 

So there ya have it, I have 3 favorite beauty brands! 

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