Monday, September 3, 2012

Fall Transition

Happy Labor Day! It's not your typical unbearably hot labor day here in the midwest. It's been rainy all weekend. Usually I am dying for the fall weather around this time of year due to the heat, but since we haven't had too hot of days lately I'm just not quite ready. As much as I love fall, cozy clothes and warm meals I'll take a few more weeks of 80 degree weather!

The things I am most looking forward to are fires in our back yard, decorating for a fall housewarming party and of course fall fashion. I have been eyeing some pieces to get me through the transition period until it's boots and sweaters for hopefully a short winter!

I have my eye on a lot of yellow, orange and leopard. But, I am still on the hunt for the navy jeans and I'd like to add another color too! What are you adding to your closet this season?

If you would like to know where each item is from, check my Polyvore page.

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aruxer said...

Great looks! Great Labor Day weekend---rain and all!