Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DIY Fall Wreath

I've been anticipating the fall and decorating my front porch!  Sometimes I can't believe things like that come out of my mouth. What a grown up I am, here getting excited to decorate my porch. Ha! Well, anyway I guess it's the little things that excite me!

I looked all over the internet on Pinterest to come up with ideas and wanted something simple and not too fake floral or cheap looking. So this is what I came up with. Once I get my mums and pumpkins sorted out I'll post pictures of the whole porch. Be sure to follow me on twitter to keep up with pictures I don't always post on the blog!

According to other blogs this wreath was going to take me a really long time and the circles would be a complete B to cut out.  BUT it didn't take much time at all! I made the whole thing in less than a Colts game! I started making it this past Sunday during the game, got tired, took a quick nap and then finished it!

Here's how to make your own! 

DIY Felt Wreath
-At least a yard and half of felt 60" wide.
-Sharp scissors
-Something around 3" in diameter to trace circles (I used a Ball jar lid)
-Marker or pen to mark circles
- dress makers straight pins
-Styrofoam wreath form (I used a 12")
-Wreath hanger or nail in door.

 Styrofoam forms at JoAnn Fabrics. Can be found at most craft and hobby stores. 

-I started tracing circles in a row and then folded the fabric over and cut. This way I could cut 2 circles without having to trace both. The felt is pretty thick, so I don't think you can cut more than 2 at a time. Also, don't worry about being perfect it won't matter once they are on wreath.

-Cut a good amount of circles before you start the wreath. Unfortunately, I did not count how many I used.

-Fold circle in half and then in half again. Push pin through the bottom and pin to the styrofoam form. This begins to hurt your fingers after awhile and I suggest using a thimble.

At first I was pinning them very close together, but you can kind of spread them out a bit. Be sure to go different ways with the folded circle. Also there isn't a need to pin to the back of wreath since it will need to lay flat on your door.

I bought some burlap to tie my and hang from the door, but there a plenty of different ways to add to the wreath. It was so easy I am thinking about making a red one for Christmas!


amber said...

LOVE it lady, great job!

Rubies and Emeralds said...

I love this idea! so cute... I think i'm gunna make one this weekend!


Wang Jing said...

Our Christmas is never complete without a wreath bought from Singapore! They have the best wreath ever!