Tuesday, June 4, 2013

30 for 30

My best friend Lauren, turned 30 this past weekend! YAY!! Lauren is THE best gift giver. Seriously, she always thinks of wonderful thoughtful gifts for her family, husband, and friends at Christmas or other special occasions. I, on the other hand am the worst gift giver. Dan and I don't even give each other gifts at Christmas because of this reason. I can think of great gifts all year round, but when it comes time for Christmas or birthdays I'm at a complete loss. So I started stressing about what I would get Lauren for a her big 30 several weeks ago. I ended up getting her two gifts. One was a print for her new home and the other was a box filled with 30 things. It ended up being pretty fun coming up with 30 small things for the gift. I spent one evening hitting up several shops collecting the items. 

Lauren and I have a lot of the same interests (hence our best friendship) so I thought I would get her some of my favorite things. A few of the items were really random but still useful or something she might not have used or tried before.

Here are some of the ideas that I had and gave her. 

30 for 30

30 things for 30th birthday! 

nail polish, body wash, lotion, cocktail napkins, stationary, candle, striped paper straws, mini alcohol bottles, candy, nail file, small purse, and lip gloss. 

some other ideas: lottery tickets, starbucks card, itunes card, gum, dish towels, car air freshener, pens... there are some many things you could do!

 I should conclude that Lauren really liked the gift and enjoyed opening each item! Success!

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