Thursday, January 2, 2014

Workout gear

"Hit or get hit" (to get on base)- soft ball advice from my dad. "If you aren't athletic, at least you can be cute trying", "Choose a sport with a cute uniform"- sporting advice from my mom (tennis player).

My softball career didn't last long before I went the gymnastics and cheerleader route. Now days I run or hit the gym. But, I follow my mom's advice, and agree that at least looking cute makes you feel better about your subpar athletic ability.

Workout gear

I am no expert when it comes to the correct attire for any type of sport, but I have some favorites to share with you. I buy most of my workout gear from TJ Maxx/Marshalls. They have THE best selection! Seriously! I have several pairs of Nike pants and shorts from there which cost me half of what they do regular retail. Hit that place up for your basics (pants, shorts, sports bras, and tops). They have plenty of big brand names to choose from, Nike, Under Armour, Reebok, etc.

I did a whole blog on my new Zella leggings. I love them so much I asked for another pair for Christmas! They really are perfect! You can get them from Nordstrom for $52. I'm telling you they are worth it because they double as casual leggings as well as for athletic purposes.

Lululemon- If you haven't tried their underwear yet, please do so! They are SO great! No lines even under the tightest yoga pants. They stay put during all activities and sure beat wearing a thong. I received the polka dotted gym bag for Christmas. It's no longer on their website, but they have a selection of other great quality bags. 

I wasn't sure about wearing skirts to workout, but my sister and best friend both have them (so they must be cool) and I got one for Christmas. I have this one from Dick's Sporting Goods and really like it!
Excuse my mess. This was prior to a run the other day in my new skirt, and Zella leggings.
I was just recommending my arm band this morning to a friend. I have this one from Amazon and think it's the best! It's easy to put on your phone and I really like that the screen isn't incased, making it easier to change songs. I like that it's not too bulky strapped to your arm. I've been through 3 of these bands (Pancho ate one and I had to get a new one for the Iphone 5) but I have been using this brand for a few years now.

I cannot speak for the best running shoes, but I tend to stick with Nike or Adidas. I usually check Nordstrom Rack for the best deals. I found the bottom left shoes at JC Penney for $75!

So, are you planning to hit the gym with everyone else working on new years resolutions? Do you have favorite workout gear? Share with me! I'd love to know what works best for you!


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