Thursday, July 24, 2014

Baby Boy

We are not finding out the sex of our baby until it's born, so I have a lot of time to play the guessing game! I have always wanted a boy as a first child because I have an older brother and I think it's nice to have a boy as the oldest. I also think everyone is rooting for us to pass along the last name because Dan is the only boy with our last name in his family.

But then I see pictures of newborn girls and friends who have girls, and oh my gosh are they cute! I hope to have a girl as well, not just for dressing purposes but to have a relationship with like I do with my own mom.

Last week one of my friends had a baby boy and another friend announced she will be having a boy in January. I started to look at boy clothes online for gifts and I found out really quickly that dressing a boy might be just as fun! If we have a boy I will probably want to dress him similar to Dan. How cute are these little mini Dan clothes? I love it!

Baby Boy

Cardigan, Chambray shirt, sandals and Skinny jeans from Gap/Old Navy
Tee from Roman and Leo
Toms shoes
Baby aviators

A few weeks ago I noticed several people I know on Facebook started "liking" the new business Roman & Leo. I checked it out on Facebook and their website and I can't wait to visit this new boutique in Fishers. Too cute! Check it out HERE.



Roman & Leo said...

Hi there!! I had someone stop into our store this afternoon and say they heard about us from your blog! Thanks so much for sharing us with your followers!! We'd love for you to stop into our shop and check it out some time! Many thanks for the love and support! - Angela (Owner of Roman & Leo)

Amber said...

I had a lot of fun dressing Carter until he was old enough to voice his opinion we are in a character shirt phase that this mommy is hoping passes quickly :) I'm gonna check this place out :)