Wednesday, May 4, 2016


It's been a crazy month! I went on a girls trip with my college sorority sisters to Hilton Head Island and then went to Vegas for work within 2 weeks. I like traveling, but I could go without layovers and running through airports for a while. While I was gone, Dan got some one on one time with Roman. I missed him so much, but it was good for them to spend time together.

We have had some really nice weather mixed in with some cold and rain, but any chance we get I like to take Roman outside. He is obsessed with the neighbors playing basketball and anyone mowing their lawn. He says lawnmower all day long, but it sounds more like momo. He even has his owner mower and loves to push his broom around.

Except for the toddler tantrums, I really love this age. Roman is 16 months and every day he says or does something new. I love all of his new words and dance moves. It's so exciting as a new parent to watch him grow and develop his own personality!

Here's a bunch of random and recent pictures from our adventures over the last month.

My niece Rye, because she is the cutest!

We have been grilling out every chance we get. Grilled romaine is a favorite of ours. Directions and dressing recipe. HERE.

 Roman is finally into reading books. He still eats them, but will actually sit and let you read a book to him now.

 Sunrise on HHI. I took a yoga class on the beach and it was delightful!

 While I was gone Dan taught Roman how to hit off a tee. I have a really cute video of him hitting on my facebook page.

 This was my first time in Vegas and I had quite a bit of alone time. I spent my time walking up and down the strip, shopping, eating, drinking and just a little bit of gambling. My favorite hotels were the Venetian and Wynn.

We take Roman to get donuts pretty regularly. We love General American Donut. They have a little kids table for coloring that Roman enjoys.

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