Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trends to Try

As a big fan of the 90's, I'm pretty excited about some fashion trends coming back in style! When I think of fashion from the 90's, I think of 90210 and Saved by the Bell. I think of crop tops, high waist jeans, choker necklaces and body suits. I'm pretty excited to wear these trends again!

Trends to try

  • Crop Tops- While I probably won't wear anything too revealing or belly baring, I think a shortened top with a high waisted bottom looks great! Bonus points if the bottom is matching!
  • Off Shoulder - Off shoulder tops are literally everywhere. It's an easy trend to get on board with because of the many options available anywhere you may shop.
  • Bodysuits - great when pair with high waisted bottom.

  • Culottes - I think culottes are a nice option for work pants. They are cute paired with a heel and blouse for business and crop top or tank for fun!
  • Mom Jeans/high waisted pants - now that I have a sweet mom bod, I love mid or high rise pants. So comfortable and realistic for chasing a toddler. I'm pretty pleased this is a trend at this point in my life.

  • Chokers - go easy with a basic choker or fun with bow choker like this one from Bauble Bar
  • Neck scarves - break out your mom or grandma's vintage scarves. Would look great with an off the shoulder top.
Some other looks from the 90's coming back in style are white tee's under sundresses, overalls, satin tops, Birkenstocks, floral skater and maxi dresses too! What do you think? Will you wear the 90's trends again? Do you have any of your clothes from the 90's?


Mokara said...

Great post. Yes, I'm planning on wearing some of these. I already made an off the shoulder top & a shorter length top (instead of cropped).

Mokara said...

Oh, and I don't have any clothes from the 90s but I do have a couple of chokers :)