Thursday, November 10, 2016

Denver trip

A couple weeks ago my Mom and sister Meagan booked trips to meet each other in Denver. My mom booked her flight out of Indy for $70! I decided for that price I wanted to go as well and take Roman to see my grandma. We flew out at 6am the day after my half marathon and I thought I might die from being so sore. It was a real challenge running after Roman through the airport. Naturally, he didn't sleep the entire flight. If you have kids, you know traveling with a toddler is no vacation. It's just parenting in a different city. Roman didn't adjust to the time difference and was up at 4:30am every morning. He yelled "snack" probably a million times over the 3 days, but nevertheless it was a good trip!

Playing with the phones. "calling" everyone we know.

 My grandma Kitty is 95 years old!

4 Generations.

 Colorado Springs. Garden of the Gods.

Roman loved "climbing mountains"!

  I met up with my sorority sisters Anna and Katye. Katye has 2 little girls. It was so fun to get the kids together!

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