Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Our neighborhood has a huge Halloween festival every year and then goes all out Halloween night for trick or treating. This year, the weather was perfect for both the festival and Halloween night. Our neighbors all had bonfires and music playing. Everyone sat on their porches to hand out candy. It's such a great night for everyone! We even have a neighbor on the street over from us that puts on an entire production every Halloween that includes props, actors, and music!

We couldn't decide on a costume this year and decided to have 2! Roman was a dinosaur for his school party and Mickey Mouse for trick or treating. I wasn't sure how Roman would react and if he would understand the concept of Trick or Treating, but he figured it out at the first house and there was no stopping him after that. We hit about 6 houses of our close neighbors that we know really well and then headed over to see the production before handing out candy at our house. Roman ate way too much candy, but had a blast!

I made Mickey's shorts and boot covers. How cute are the boots?!?

 I sewed spikes onto a hooded sweatshirt and added a tail and eyes for Roman's dinosaur costume.


Dressing up as a Mummy at Roman's school party.

Roman's buddy Patrick as Elmo.

Could not get enough candy!

My Dad (Pop Pop) was in town and stopped by to trick or treat with Roman.

This is my neighbor that put on the production with a Men in Black theme this year.

crowd of people watching the production

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