Friday, January 21, 2011

Dream Sewing Room

Again, sorry for the lack of blogs. Still busy with the wedding planning and now we are moving as well. Finally we will have a bigger place! While I won't have a room dedicated to my sewing hobby, I will have more space! Getting myself organized and packing for the move I started thinking about the possibility of having my own sewing room in the future and what it would look like. I found some pretty cool studios online.
Love, love love the floor!!

Pretty chandelier! 

Cool idea with the letters. 


How fabulous is this room?!?

My dream sewing room would have lots of natural light with nice sized windows. It would be painted white for cleanliness and the best lighting. It would have a black and white checked floor, chandelier (for a girly pretty touch) and be immaculately clean and organized with lots of shelves for material and thread. I would have one wall made of cork board to pin ideas, pictures and sketches on. Ahhh... what a dream! Maybe someday! :) 

Well I'm inspired now! If nothing else I can have an organized and pretty sewing corner of a room. 

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