Saturday, January 8, 2011

Missing in Action

So so sorry for being MIA this week! I've been super overwhelmed with wedding planning. What was I thinking leaving everything until after the new year?!? I feel so behind, even though I have 6 months left. Ahh! Every time I look at one of those checklists or timelines in bridal magazines I realize I've forgotten something and get overwhelmed.

I worked in the events industry for a few years and helped coordinate several weddings. At the time I promised myself when it was my turn I would be super cool and laid back, never a bridezilla. Umm..... I would guess the vendors I have been working with consider me the biggest bridezilla, know it all, perfectionist, never-ending question asker bride ever! I'll tell ya what, it's seriously so much easier and admittedly a little more fun planning other people's events :-/  Well maybe its not more fun, but definitely less stressful.

I've got a huge list of things to do in the next few weeks, so bear with me my next several posts will be wedding related.

On another note, I've taken a break from my sewing machine. I put it away for our New Years Eve get together and decided not to take it back out until we move at the end of the month. I'm not sure I can last that long. But I'm forcing myself to focus on work and wedding planning.

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