Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cool Cakes

On my to-do list is find a baker and design for the wedding cake. The options are endless!! Did you know they make "fake cakes" and then serve guests from a sheet cake in the back? This is a good way to save money and also another way to have an amazingly huge cake when you don't really need to serve hundreds of people.

As an event coordinator I wore many hats and one was the cake-cutter at the wedding. I won't lie, besides the hours this is the part of that position I disliked the most. Cutting a wedding cake with inch thick icing is messy. I almost always came home covered in icing. Moving a several tier cake in front of a crowd is crazy stressful. But on the bright side I saw and tried some awesome (and some not so awesome) cakes. I learned what makes a good cake, why some are super tasty and why some crumble, sweat and fall apart easily.

For my own wedding cake, that I will NOT be cutting myself (woohoo!) I'm thinking something simple and not too colorful. I want something trendy, modern and elegant. I don't know if I will do a groom's cake, but have you seen the cool ones out there? Ace of Cakes is/was a great show! Is that still on??? I'll save groom's cakes for another blog.

Here's some of the cakes I really like.




Ok, yeah told ya there's a lot of options out there. 

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