Monday, May 23, 2011

Whirlwind weekend!

This weekend was non-stop. On Friday Dan and I went to pick out wedding bands. We knew what matched my ring, but need to find him one. Still not certain what he wants, but it's getting to be last minute, so we need to make that decision soon.

On Saturday we woke up at 6am to get ready for our engagement pictures. We started those pretty early. We took them in Fountain Square, an area near downtown Indianapolis, where we live. Turns out Dan is the model in this couple. I'm a little uncomfortable in front of the camera and had a hard time being natural. I think they will turn out nicely though. Our photographer and his wife are great!! This is what I wore.

           Dress: Limited                         Dress: TJ Maxx 
                                                                      Shoes: Nine West via TJ Maxx

Immediately following our pictures I left for my second bridal shower thrown by Dan's family. By this time I was already overwhelmed and my head was spinning still thinking about my awkward smiles and sexy looks?? "Did I make odd faces?" But the shower was really fun and we received some nice gifts. I made my dress for the shower, which I will post later. 

Bridal Shower Guests

Following the shower, my mom and I drove up to the north side of Indy for my cousin's baby shower. It was so good to see a few of my cousins and I am so happy for my cousin Haley and her husband!  


Nope not done yet. Earlier in the day I received a phone call from the bridal shop to say my dress was in. Since my mom was only in town for the weekend I took the opportunity to go try on my dress at the store, which is what we did after the baby shower. Unfortunately, I do not have good news to report on the dress. If you read in my Wedding Update you know that it was already sent back to the maker once for length issues.  I tried it on and it was a bit short. You could see my ankles!!! Which is comical because the sales ladies exclaimed "it's perfect"when I tried it on. haha? Umm..... maybe if it continues to flood like it has been here lately. I kind of got a bit of an attitude since it had been a long day and I was less than thrilled about this. I definitely wasn't my normal happy self. But hopefully we will get it worked out and now I can finalize my shoes and accessories. 

Note to brides: order your dress or try it on in alterations with shoes a few inches higher than you plan to wear. I know at least 3 friends who were unhappy with the length of their dress on their wedding day. 

Moving on with Saturday... I ended the day with dinner with my parents and then went to setup an event for work. Whew! 

On Sunday my parents, Dan and I worked diligently all day on our wedding invitations. I licked more invitations that I care to remember. Ick! Then we headed to another cousin's graduation party. 

So now it's Monday and I am trying to recall the whole weekend. It's kind of a blur. I am still wondering about those faces I made in the pictures, who I talked to at the shower, and all the details still left for the wedding.  Now all I want to go is go through the gifts and see what all we got!!! It's Thank You note time.

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