Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Update: 73 days to go!

**Ok, I started this post about 15 days ago. I added to it and every day had to change the title.

We are under the 90 days mark! Woohoo! Things are well underway and I'm getting excited and a little nervous. We have a lot to pull off. Being a DIY bride/groom means saving a few, but also equals a lot more stress and headaches. I know it will all be worth it in the end!

I have been patiently waiting for my wedding dress to come in and finally I got the call Monday two Monday's ago. Only to find out that the wrong length came in and they sent it back. The lady told me it will be in again in 3-4 weeks. This worries me. What if it's incorrect again? What if it looks nothing like it did when I tried it on and bought it? What if there's not enough time for alterations? Ahhh! We've all seen the horror episodes on Say Yes to the Dress. So naturally I am thinking this worst. I have even been coming up with back up plans and thinking about what I will do worst case scenario. Everyone has told me just to think positive, so positive thoughts, positive thoughts. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise giving me a little extra time to get in shape! Update: It is.

I have been waiting on my dress to arrive to choose my shoes. Lots of options, no idea what I want to wear. No shoes are comfortable on me, so that makes it difficult. Also, I can't choose between classic ivory, plum to match the maids, or a little sparkle. Thoughts?

Dan was up all night designing our invitations the other night  two weeks ago.  They look awesome! I'm really excited to get them printed and sent out. They are SOOO pretty! Here's a shot of the proof.

Update: They are arriving in the mail tomorrow and being addressed and sent out soon! Yay!

Since I started typing this post I have had my first bridal shower! It was so much fun! (post below) A little nerve racking being in front of everyone and opening gifts. I never realized how many funny faces I make, awkward. But it was a blast! Receiving gifts in the mail is a blast too! 

See how weird I am? I should work on expressions before the wedding! 

First gift in the mail! 
Thanks Bartel! 

Last time we were in Jasper we met with the cake lady and chose our cake! I'll let it be a surprise to you, but it has 4 flavors to choose from! Yum! 

Also marked off the checklist: passports, wedding website, and groomsmen suits. 

I get overwhelmed looking at checklists and what they say you should have done at this point. For instance one said "final dress fitting" AH! I haven't even had ONE dress fitting. So I have made my own list and am trying to follow it, but the last few months are gonna fly by! 

I think (hope) we'll be ready and organized. As a past wedding coordinator I feel a bit bridezilla with details and perfection. Here's to hoping it will all fall into place without me going crazy! 

Looking forward to all the fun things happening in the next two months including our engagement pictures (better late than never), bridal shower, and bachelorette party! 


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