Monday, April 23, 2012

Black Cutout Dress

A few months ago I became obsessed with making a dress with a cutout in the back. I started trying to find patterns and couldn't find what I wanted. I ended up buying this vintage 1985 pattern on Ebay (McCalls 9619). I had to buy 4 other patterns just to get the one I wanted. Probably won't use the extra patterns. Ha!

I thought the pattern looked perfect and I would just shorten the length. My only concern was that I wouldn't be able to wear a bra and I would want the top to be a little thicker. So I lined the top and wore a stick on bra (in case you were wondering).

I made the dress according to the pattern and the full skirt with pockets didn't work out. It just was too full for me so I removed it and re-cut the skirt from another pattern. I'm much happier with the straight skirt look! I wore this to my friends wedding, but I think I will wear it more this summer in a more casual way with flat sandals.

Here's a similar dress from BCBGeneration 

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Lauren said...

You could make me some pj's!