Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Dress

I'm struggling with this post.

1. I can't come up with the name of the color of this dress. Blueish Green? Mint-ish?Aqua?
2. I can't come up with the fabric name either. I think it's Bengaline. It's ribbed, similar to a grosgrain ribbon.
3. I haven't had time to setup a photo shoot in this dress. 
3. And the waist is so small on this dress that I can't get it back on my dress form to take a picture.

So I apologize for this post. I'll do the best I can to describe it and sorry for the pictures of it on the hanger. I plan to wear it soon (if the weather would ever warm up), so hopefully I'll get a picture in it.

I REALLY REALLY like this dress too. I love the color and the pretty pleats! I used the Simplicity 1873 pattern to make this dress, but I cut the back in a lower scoop. I wanted to make the tabs on the side, but I cut out the pattern and I cannot for anything find the pattern for the tabs?!? I searched everywhere!

I took several pictures of the progress while making the dress, which I posted along the way on twitter.

 Pattern and Fabric
 Bodice pinned on the dress form.

 Pinning the pleats

  All pinned together on the dress form

Finished dress!


Amber said...

I love it!!!! AWESOME JOB!!! You've inspired me to use my sewing machine this month! I've made a deal with a twitter friend to sew this month and take a pic.

Jess said...

Looking cute!

Weird that you couldn't find the tab! I actually just cut this out last night and it was on the same sheet as all of the skirt panels. Maybe they messed up and didn't include it.

It doesn't look like it, but did you end up basting the pleats before you sewed the skirt onto the bodice, like the instructions directed?

Ashley said...

Thanks Jess,
Actually I cut the tabs out and then lost them. I searched everywhere. I have a feeling they will show up in another pattern some time.

Yes, I did baste the pleats. I don't think I could have sewed it to the bodice otherwise.