Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Decor

I have to admit, I have become obsessed with decorating our house for Christmas! I'm pinning all over Pinterest and pricing out artificial trees with more excitement that really necessary. I know it's not even Thanksgiving and some people get really upset about skipping holidays, but I have already broken out my "classic" Christmas cd (Britney, NYSNC, Gaga, Mariah!) and am planning all the details of how we will celebrate this year now that we have a new house!

I am holding out on decorating until after Thanksgiving.  I started this post a few days ago and apparently can't contain my excitement nor wait another week. Our house is currently a mash up of Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations, nothing really in it's true place. I keep telling myself that I'm just "seeing how it looks" "getting ideas" "beating the rush" ha!

So what if it's a little early. To each her own.

Here are my favorite deals and steals I've spotted...

Funny Christmas cards at Urban Outfitters. 

This is not a deal or a steal, but I want it. 

large plastic ornament bulbs for decorating at Joann Fabrics.

Sequins ornaments at Big Lots. (you'd be surprised by their large Christmas section)

$0.98 chargers at Walmart. Scoop em up! 

Ornaments that remind me of the game Twister at Hobby Lobby. 50% off. 

Gold paper mache reindeer. Michaels. 40%off 

Just trying out our stockings and thinking about how to decorate our non working fireplace. Ideas? 

Even Pancho is getting into the spirit. See all that spirit?!?

Stay tuned for more and more and MORE holiday posts! 


Rubies and Emeralds said...

Everywhere I go, I am surrounded by Christmas decorations! I can't say I'm complaining because it happens to be my favorite holiday of the year, but still... I think everyone forgot about Thanksgiving! :)


Great Emotional Healing said...

We are starting at our house too! Love all these ideas! Thanks for sharing!