Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hips Don't Lie

Like most of my projects, I got all excited about this dress. I have been really into this drop waist style this season, not actually owning anything of course but the idea of it.  I loved the leather collar and wanted to add that as well.  I saw this dress online and many others and thought how easy it would be to just whip up and wear, like the next day.

I used a pattern for the dress part and then just gathered material for the skirt part. I originally thought the torso area was too long and therefore removed the skirt, cut, and replaced the skirt. Now this is the dress.

HIPS. Holy Hips. It looks awful on me and I'm pretty sure anyone else that would try it on. The proportions are just off plus I think this style dress just isn't that flattering. I'm kicking myself for cutting the torso down, but I just don't think it was working either way.

Keep in mind the dress isn't hemmed and the neckline and armholes aren't finished. I don't really see any point finishing it or adding the leather collar if I'm not going to wear it.

I'm bummed about it because I thought it would be so cute and trendy.

You win some you lose some. I'm over this trend and I hope it's over next season! On to the next dress...

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