Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Cocktail Party

Last year we had a cocktail party in our condo and I couldn't wait to have a house with more space to entertain! This year I was so excited to throw another cocktail party for Christmas in our new house. I spent at least a month planning out the menu and decorations. I used the linens from our wedding for cocktail tables and the buffet. We moved all the furniture out of one of our rooms to make more space and hung ornaments from the beams. I served a table full of appetizers including some yearly favorites spicy meatballs, marinated shrimp on cucumbers, jalapeno deviled eggs, PB crunch buckeyes, Rollo turtle treats, and peanut chocolate candy. Just to name a few.

We had such a great time and look forward to making it an annual party! Thanks to all those friends that came and enjoyed the night with us!

And of course it's not a party, without a party dress! I have been wanting to make a red full skirted dress for awhile but didn't have a pattern for the dress I really wanted to make, so I went back to my trusty sweetheart neck pattern. Someone once mentioned that I make a lot of similar dresses, which is true. Once you get familiar with a pattern or a style that you think flatters you, then it's your go-to! It's not a lot of fun making a new pattern and then realizing it doesn't fit or look good on you.

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