Sunday, February 10, 2013

Prabal Gurung for Target

So this is how today went. I woke up at 7am thanks to the dog. I woke up with a hangover thanks to a mini pitcher of green goodness at Kilroys last night (lesson learned). I got up, took the dog out, and headed to Target. I drove a little further to a Super Target with hopes that it would have a good selection. You guys know I have been looking forward to this day for some time. My number one item was this floral crush print dress.

The parking lot seemed empty at 7:55, but then I arrived to this. Which I just think is funny, but I participated and ran in all Supermarket Sweep like at 8am.

This is what me and my 5 new friends found. We were all like "where's the rest?"
All bummed out we each took a few pieces to the dressing room. We checked out the shoe department to find the same situation. Only about 4 of the shoe styles were available. It was kind of funny, we each whipped out our phones looking up other Targets and checking online for styles and sizes. 

This is what I ended up buying. I wanted something with that damn floral print and this was all that they had. It's cute, but it's really just a tee. 
Don't mind my second day makeup and puffy hangover face. 

I did try on this dress, which is the same style as the floral and I'm somewhat happy that it actually didn't fit that well.

Since, I didn't have luck with the Prabal Gurung line I shopped the rest of Target and this peplum came home with me too! 

I finished my grocery shopping while at Target and then came home with the intention of hitting another Target later in the day. I looked up several items online only to find they were out of stock in all Indianapolis area locations and sold out online. Boo! 

So then I drowned my sorrows in half a bag of Cadbury Eggs and took a nap. 

In case you are wondering, I feel much better now and am moving on the other things. I'm currently online shopping and watching IU. 

Nice little Sunday. 

Did you have any luck? What pieces did you get? 

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