Thursday, April 10, 2014

Coming Soon

YAY!!!! I have been practically begging Dan to design me an new logo for the last year. Dan works as an Art Director for and advertising agency and it's his job to design really cool stuff. He has been working on ideas for me for such a long time and finally on my birthday he presented me with a whole deck of options! Needless to say I am thrilled! Like a typical client I want to use them all. We still have some things to discuss and ideas to throw around, but I wanted to show you some of his work.

So cool, right? These are just screen shots and not actual files, which is why they are blurry. I can't wait to redesign my blog and get clothing labels for the garments I make. So profesh!
So what do you think? I'm planning on completely redesigning the blog and even considering switching hosts, which would mean a new URL. I would also like to make a Facebook page that way I am not filling up the news feed of those who aren't interested. Would you follow it?
Tell me your thoughts!


Amber said...

Those are great, I really love the first and third logo :)

Muckity Mucked said...

What a lucky girl! The spool of thread with the "H" in it is so very clever. How will you ever decide?