Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This is an exciting week ahead of us. Super bowl Sunday, Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras), and Valentine's Day. So many little holidays and reasons to celebrate over the next week or so. Most of these just revolve around food and that is just fine with me! We are having a few people over for the super bowl and I'm planning to make a few appetizers. I'll share my favorites next week. No real plans for fat Tuesday except loading up on sweets before I give them up for lent. I'm hoping to do something special for Valentine's day next weekend too. Anyone else celebrating this week?
Some of my current favorites I'd like to add to my closet.
Isn't this blue and green top from Kingdom and State pretty? I'd love it for work and even going out this spring! I also fell in love with this ring from my friend Erin's online boutique, Feel Good Collections. I've been wanting a new watch and I think I want this gold face Timex one for my birthday. Dan has the silver faced one. I like that you can switch the bands to match or for different seasons. I have no reason to wear these, but I love these red Express fringe and tassel heels. I have seen them in other colors too. Maybe a nude pair for the summer would be cute. Also, can you believe this lace up neck top is back in style? I definitely wore this style in high school. Top is from Urban Outfitters.

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