Friday, September 10, 2010

Learning by Mistakes

I had high hopes for this dress. I loved the color fabric and style I had chosen, but it did not love me. Again, I started out trying to use more than one pattern. By doing so, I had to change the zipper from the back to the side. Should be no problem. I also wanted to add the ruffle skirt. To add the skirt I used my best high school geometry skills to hand draw a circle then measure around it based on my waist size. (Diameter, radius, pi, circumference) Remember those? All just to get the skirt to ruffle the perfect amount.

After 2 circles, and way too much fabric (5 yards!), I finally ended up with what resembled a dress. Unfortunately it wasn't the best fit and in attempt to make it fit better, I cut the strap. Well, I cut the strap too short. While I probably could have added material or fixed this mistake. I just chalked it up to practice. The whole dress wasn't a good fit anyway.

Here's a look at what could have been....

*Look closely the strap does not attach. 

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