Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One Sleeved Headache

Whew! This dress was a huge headache! I used three patterns to make the dress (sleeve, bodice, and skirt). Combining the patterns was a bit difficult for this amateur seamstress. I got to the end, all ready for the zipper, when I realized it wouldn't match up. The diagonal top had gone wrong. It was literally mind bending. I could think of no other option, but to mail the dress home for my mom to take a look. Fortunately, she's a pro and figured it out for me. She fixed it and promptly sent the dress back. UNfortunately, the package never arrived.  I went for weeks wondering what happened, calling the post office and waiting for the mail. After all the hard work, it disappeared! The saying is true, it literally got "lost in the mail". 
Miraculously, about a month later I found it at the post office, paid the extra 40 cents it was missing in shipping fees, and was finally able to wear it! 
I love this dress!!! 

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