Friday, September 10, 2010

Sewing for Others

Last year my good friend, Danielle, asked me to make her a dress. I was hesitant, but up for the challenge. I  used my trusty sweetheart neckline cocktail dress pattern. I had no idea how stressful making a dress for someone else would be. I wanted everything to be perfect, which isn't how I normally work. I usually prefer to get my dresses done quickly and don't pay too much attention to how everything looks. (I'm working on this) I don't mind seams not matching up and the insides frayed. If no one else notices, who cares?

Making a dress for someone else was really stressful. I'm still working on my sewing skills and I'm not very good at finishing dresses to make them look professional. Plus its incredibly difficult to get the fit right. I'm used to trying them on myself and making adjustments. But in the end it turned out alright and I even made her another one in a different color just recently.

For now, I'm gonna stick to practicing my sewing skills on my own dresses.  Hopefully soon, I will have more confidence and feel comfortable making clothes for others.

 Danielle's Dresses 

                    * I did not make my own dress. 

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