Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fun Furniture

Ever since our offer was accepted on our new house we have been scouring the internet for decor ideas. It has been really fun sitting on our laptops showing each other things we like and searching for furniture to buy. We have been all over Pinterest pinning like crazy, ideas for everything.

We have been hitting Craigslist pretty hard too. Gotta stick to a budget, and you can find some great stuff on there! It's hard because I want it all and I want it NOW! I've also been checking out TJ Maxx and Homegoods for some great deals as well.

It's a little overwhelming going from a condo to a house. We will have so much additional space. My mind races everyday with ideas for the kitchen, my sewing room, 2 living room areas, etc!! It's really fun and exciting but also overwhelming with the amount of work we will need to put into it. We have definitely been trying to prioritize what we need versus want.

We don't even get the keys for a few more weeks, but the anxiety is killing me. I just want to start decorating right now! Here's some iphone snapshots I've taken of things I like while browsing my favorite bargain places.

Patio chairs 

Crate and Barrel and Urban Outfitters

Love the current bedding at Target. 

bright artwork

Ceramic bulldogs and Knitted Poofs 

 wish this was black (not brown)

Neutral couch, bright chairs!

Aqua pillows

As you can see there are some common themes. We like bright colors, chevron, some new, some old. Mostly modern looking.

One more month Ashley, one more month!

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