Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Memories

I grew up in Tennessee and then moved to Indiana in middle school. We moved the to same small town my Dad grew up and my grandparents lived in. Growing up my parents would drive us to Indiana and leave us with our grandparents for the week. It was the best week of the summer! My Grandma was THE best! She stocked her cabinets with sugary cereal, her purse full of candy, and freezer full of ice cream snacks. It was a sweet tooth's heaven! She let us watch as much TV as we wanted and she even had a TV in every single room (including the bathroom) in her house. We were allowed to stay up as late as we wanted too. All things we could never do at home.

My grandma always had lessons planned for us every year including horseback riding, tennis, golf, art, etc. We spent the days out at the lake or the country club. My grandma was a sun goddess and loved tanning.

There was never- ending fun at my grandparents house. They had plenty of fun closets with clothes to dress up in or play hide and seek. The whole week was a blast. Most years my cousins would come too. I'm not really sure how my grandma kept up with us.

My grandma passed away a few short years after my family moved to town and my grandpa passed away last year. It's with great sadness that their house recently sold. So many memories attached to the house and the summers we spent with my grandparents there.

This past weekend my Dad and his siblings were in town to clean out their parents house before closing. Dan and I drove home as well. We were able to take some cool vintage chairs from their house and some other odds and ends. It's definitely sad seeing the house so empty and knowing that I will never return to that house again.

But, I now have some furniture, jewelry, and purses along with my summer memories to remember my grandparents by.

I really wanted to find some great pictures of the weeks we spent there during the summer, but unfortunately they had already been packed away. I did find a few to share...

Judging by our clothing, I assume this wasn't the summer.  My grandmother was a beautician for 50 years and often gave me perms. How funny is my little smile? :) 

One summer we went to the filming of the movie Blue Chips. 

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Laura said...

A TV in the bathroom even?! lol Memories are the best, sounds like you've got some great ones to cherish!