Thursday, July 5, 2012

Restaurant Review

On Tuesday night we checked out a new restaurant in our neighborhood and we loved it! Bluebeard opened a few weeks ago and it's pretty nice! Bluebeard has contemporary Italian-Inspired cuisine featuring local produce and meat. It also houses a wholesale bakery.

The menu had a lot of items we had either never heard of or couldn't pronounce, but that only intrigued us more! We both started out with drinks that we each loved. Dan had the Reverend Palmer and I had the house Gin and Tonic. It was much sweeter than regular gin and tonics, which I really liked!

sipping my drink

We then had the house bread, which isn't something I normally love, but the butter, OH MY GOSH, the butter!  (whipped lardo, anchovy butter, roasted garlic oil) It's embarrassing how much bread and butter I ate.

We then split two entrees. We had the oyster mushroom pizza and the grilled octopus. We have had calamari before but this was a whole new level of seafood and it was delicious!!

I have to admit I had a hard time getting over the tentacles but once you got it in your mouth it was amazing! I would highly recommend trying it.

 the pizza 

 the octopus

Overall it was an excellent experience! We are sad we will be leaving the neighborhood soon, but we will definitely come back to visit often. 

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Allie said...

That looks amazing! Adding it to my list to go to! xx, Allie