Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pink Polka Dot Romper

First off, let me apologize for A. my lack of posts and B. my terrible pictures. I have put off posting this due to poor photography. I have some excuses lined up.... We have terrible lighting in our place, my camera kind of sucks, there's only so many ways to take pictures of yourself with a camera phone. Are those sufficient? Well sorry. I'll try to get more creative with my lighting and self timer on my camera on my next project.

I love love love this romper! Confession: I despise shorts for many reasons and literally NEVER wear them, but rompers are so cute and a trend I don't want to miss out on. I was really unsure if it would fit or look right. Like I often do, I used more than one pattern for the project and I can happily say the shorts fit nicely. I hope to make more rompers for the summer and our honeymoon.


1 comment:

Danielle Kinnett said...

Umm, this is way cute on you and I need one someday. :)