Friday, March 11, 2011


Thank Goodness It's Friday! Whew! And let's also say a BIG thanks it's March and the sun is out (well here in Indianapolis).

One of my favorite blogs to follow is Cupcakes and Cashmere where Emily posts every Friday things that are currently making her happy. I thought I would do the same today. So here goes...

Lunch: No meat on Friday's during lent = PB&J. Mmm so good! 

Vases for DIY wedding project! 

Green nails! We're celebrating St. Patty's Day in Chicago this weekend, 
so I thought I would get really festive. Also I really don't own anything green to wear. 

Gave up candy for lent, made myself some brownies. 

And last but certainly NOT least! We are adopting a Bulldog!!!! 

Happy weekend everyone! I hope have you have plenty to smile about this weekend as well. 


Danielle Kinnett said...

You only ate half a PB&J?!?! I'm disappointed in you. The brownies look tasty and your fingernails are pretty! I like this, keep doing the Friday thing!

Anonymous said...

Oh no Danielle! I ate more for lunch including a few brownies!

Tracey said...

YOU ADOPTED A BULLDOG!! He/She is so cute. What's his/her name?