Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Update: 4 months to go!

I saw a friend and a blog reader out a few weeks ago and she informed me that I had not updated my blog about the wedding. Sorry about that!

We chose plum and are using some of the ideas in this post.  There really isn't a whole lot of the plum color in the wedding. It's mostly black, white, and grey/silver. The bridesmaids will wear plum and carry white flowers. I will be carrying a mix of white and plum. We plan to tie the plum in with floral centerpieces at the reception.

 I'm really excited about the decor for the wedding and reception! I have some really great ideas and am even hauling equipment from Indianapolis (a 3 hour drive) to Jasper.  I don't want to give anything away, but not to worry I will have plenty of pictures and posts after the wedding. We have a fabulous florist and event coordinator that will be helping me put it all together.

I guess we could be considered a DIY wedding. I am making the flower girl dresses with my mom, Dan is making all the invitations, programs, etc. I have been getting together ideas for seating arrangements and favors and plan to make all those as well.
Material for flower girl dresses and ribbon. 

I have literally made 3 wedding websites and abandoned each one. They are seriously all so cheesy that I couldn't bear the thought of sharing them with others.  We really want to share with our guests hotels in the area, things to do, registry, etc. but haven't been able to find a cool (and free) wedding site. Dan and I decided to make a blog, but that's on our to-do list that may not happen.

As for my look, I recently received some jewelry in the mail from my Aunt that was my grandmothers. It meant the world for me to receive and I am looking forward to wearing it on the day of the wedding as my "something old".

Speaking of that tradition, I do not have "something blue". Suggestions? Undies? Garter?

I also do not have shoes. I simply cannot find any that I just LOVE. Ok, well I did find a pair but they were about as much as my car payment and I just don't know if that's necessary. I really wanted to wear plum, but the ones I wanted (below) are nowhere to be found in my size. I have moved on to consider grey or ivory, but again can't find anything.

We haven't met with the cake lady yet, but unless I decide to do cupcakes we want to do something similar to these cakes with the ribbon and brooch. 

We decided to go to Jamaica on our honeymoon! We are really excited about the resort and all inclusive food, drinks and activities. 

We have really made all the big decisions we need to make. The things left to do include making a slideshow, getting passports, making favors, seating arrangements, and making payments (ugh). Well, the actual list is much longer than that, but at least for the most part things are well on the way to be fabulous! 

4 Months (and about 20 minutes from now) we'll say "I do"! 


Anonymous said...

hello niece....
very happy that grandmother Rosemarye's jewelry will be the something old...for your

Anonymous said...

You are so stinking cute!

I carried the handerchief my Mom carried in her had blue embroidery and became a framed memory afterwards!!

Thanks for sharing! Whitney